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Installation instructions for your Softopper

Carefully remove all contents of the Softcap from the cover/carry bag and place on a soft surface to protect the frame from scratches.

The Softcap contains the following pieces:

1 Softcap canopy
2 Hinged folding arms (left and right sides)
4 Cross members (3 long, 1 short)
2 bedrails (2 pieces each)
4 Clamps
2 pieces of Velcro tape (Hooks)

1- Select the bedrail pieces (4, 1-inch square tubes) (match up the correct pairs using the colored dots)
Join the 2 pieces of each bed rail together, by inserting the round tubing into the square end of it's mate, then lining up the snap buttons with a corner, slowly push together, and then carefully turn it until the snap button finds the hole.

2- There is a LEFT and RIGHT) bedrail. The brackets and pins must be facing inwards and will be on the back piece (longer piece) of the 2-piece rail.
Place the bedrail on the side of the truck with the weather stripping facing down. The front end of the bedrail should be evenly aligned with the inside of the front wall of the box and placed approx 1/2 inch out from the inside edge of the side.
3- Carefully place the clamps under the trucks side rail and then over the top of the Softcap bedrail. They should be placed approx 12-15 inches from the ends. Feel with you finger under the bed rail edge to make sure it is a flat surface. Sometimes there are ridges.

Tighten down very firmly. Make sure that the Softcap bedrail is unable to move. Note: You may have to re-tighten the clamps in a few minutes, after the weather stripping has had a chance to compress.
Follow the same steps on the other side.

4- Take the hinged folding arms (Left and right sides) and place
4- 5 feet apart on a soft surface.

5-Take each of the four cross members, (3 longer, 1 shorter,) (they have colored dots and have left and right sides) and carefully fit them together with the corresponding arm, Depress the snap button with your finger and carefully push them together until the button finds the hole. Hint: be careful not to pinch your fingers between the pieces.

Once they are all together:

7- Before installing the frame onto the pivot pins on the truck bed rails, make sure to get the left and right sides correct. Note: The pivot point holes on the frame will be towards the back of the truck.

Remove the cotter pin from the steel pivot pin in the bracket on the bedrail and carefully slide the frames pivot hole onto the steel pivot pin. Reinstall the cotter pin.
Do the same on both sides.
Note: The pivot pin is designed to loosen slightly to allow for movement and flexing of the truck bed.

Canopy installation

Tip: It is easiest to attach the canopy to the frame by working from the rear on the tailgate.

Open the tailgate and carefully lay down the frame towards the back of the truck.
Now connect the 2 adjustable webbing's on the folding arms of the frame (1 on each side), to the eyelets on the back end of the bed rails. (Loose, is ok for now)
Note: You will need to do a final adjustment when the canopy is on.

Unfold the Softcap canopy and place it over the frame. Note: The back flap has zippers, the front does not.
Flip up the front window panel of the Canopy. There is a small flap that has 7 female snaps. Connect these snaps to the 7 male snaps located on the front cross member of the frame. Now, raise the frame and carefully (while holding up the canopy material) move it forward toward the front of the truck bed. There are 7 snaps at the rear that must be attached to the rear cross member of the frame.
Now place the cover in the normal un-retracted position and attach the two front webbing's loosely to the eyelets located at the front ends of the bedrail bars. Note: It will be able to rock back and forth at this time as the webbings should still be loose at this time.

Fit the front window panel between the truck cab and the bed. The extra flap goes on the inside of the bed.

Flip down the sides of the Canopy and connect the 8 snaps along the edge to the snaps on the side of the bedrail. Note: Easier to start at the front and work your way back.
Reach in and adjust the front and rear webbing's until they are snug. Note: Undo the front and rear side snaps if necessary (It makes it easier).
Don't over tighten the webbings, just snug.

Note: After performing a few installations you will find little tricks that make it very fast and easy.

Test again, to see if the bed rail can move. If so, retighten the clamps. After a short time the weather stripping will compress and there will no need to retighten. Just be sure to check it once in awhile.

Adjust the 4 corners of the Canopy with the adjustable corner Velcro to get a nice fit on your truck

Take the 2 pieces of Velcro Tape.

1 piece will go on the outside of the tailgate and the other will go on the top of the inside wall at the front of the box.

Pull down the zippers on the back flap and adjust the Velcro on the back corners of the canopy so that the back flap sits nicely along the top of the tailgate. Tug gently on the back flap and find the place where it seems to sit easily. There is Velcro (loops) sewn along the bottom inside edge of the back flap. This is where the Velcro tape must line up with, once installed on the tailgate. Decide where the Velcro tape (hooks) should be installed. Take your time. Not too high, not too low. Just right so it won't be seen when the back is zipped down and secured. Tip: Use a removable crayon to help you line things up.
Don't pull off the sticky backing yet.

Note: Be sure to clean the area (remove any wax or dirt) where the Velcro will be installed. Plastic Box Liners generally have a waxy surface (which reduce the holding strength of the Velcro glue) and this must be cleaned off using a good cleaner or if possible, use acetone. (available at any hardware store)

Flip the back flap down and retest for evenness. Peel off the sticky backing, and then very carefully (with one hand at each end) line it up evenly along the tailgate.
When it is even, carefully press it against the tailgate and press along back and forth to make sure it is firmly attached.
Note: Velcro tape will reach maximum holding strength after 24 hours.

You will now repeat this process with the second Velcro tape on the front flap along the inside front of the truck box.

NOTE: The Velcro hooks will remain on the truck.